16 June 2015


On 13 of June he second stage of Kiev Racing Yacht Club Cup started at Riviera Riverside Yacht Club.

To participate in the Regatta, for all the amateurs who do not have their yachts, Club provides a fleet of modern racing boats of Platu25 class.

Excellent weather conditions for sailing allowed to organize a series of eight dynamic and exciting races in two days.

Ten amateurs teams went out on the water with the support of professional international racers. According to the new regulations and the system of Pro-Am, after each race there was a rotation of professional racers.

The main intrigue broke out between the teams of Kalistratova Alexander (helmsman Chris Taylor), a corporate team of TIS of Victor Savkiva and the crew of the debutants of the cup - Vyacheslav Tatarchuk, Vadim Konov and Boris Adamovsky.

After an unsuccessful (the seventh position in the final report) first phase TIS team have worked hard on their mistakes, and as a result, the crew showed excellent stability and deservedly won the second stage.

The second place was occupied by GoFast team of Alexander Kalistratova (helmsman Chris Taylor).On the third - the crew of Vadim Konov.

On the second stage a test video broadcast races was organized and carried out. Also there was GPS monitoring of the position of each boat and distance signs. All the happenings were displayed on the screen installed in Riviera Riverside Yacht Club and on boats for spectators.

Dinner and awards ceremony took place in the stage of the cozy restaurant Riva at Riviera Riverside Yacht Club.

Recall that , the fight for the passing silver cup of the end of the 19th century takes place among amateur helmsmen during the season and consists of five stages, each of which is held for two days during the weekend. The crew can skip any of the points, except the fifth - the last one.

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